St. Patrick’s Day 2011 – The Best of Green

St. Patrick’s Day 2011 – The Best of Green

St. Patrick’s Day – Our Favorite Green Things

Green gets the shaft.  Kermit knows this.  For 364 days out of the year green takes a back seat to blue, black, grey, and a host of other colors.  But today is St. Patrick’s day.  The one day where Green reigns supreme.  In honor of Green and St. Patrick’s Day, here’s our annual list of our favorite green things…

1. Green and Black Silk Knot Cufflinks – $4.95

Try it with a navy blazer.

Not completely green but with black mixed in, these are a real subtle and laid back way to inject a small amount of green into your dressed up wardrobe.  Can’t beat the price either.

2. Bulova Canvas Strap Military Watch – $77.60 (reg. $150)

About half as much as the J. Crew military Timex

One of the most underrated canvas strap watches out there.  The cost to style ratio is ridiculous.  The vintage looking off-white numbers, the way the hands are shaped, the black dial and greenish brown canvas strap, it has it all.  And at a price that’s hard to ignore.

3. Tesla Model S Electric Sport Sedan – $49,900

Green and gorgeous.

0-60 in a more than respectable 5.6 seconds, terrific styling that’s reminiscent of the Aston Martin Rapide, and it’s a plug in electric.  160, 230, or 360 mile range models available late in 2012.  $50K ain’t peanuts.  But it’s a car.

4. Ralph Lauren Custom Fit Green & White Stripe Rugby – $59.99 (reg. $89.50)

Extremely trim compared to standard Rugbys

On sale but still too expensive.  They’ve dipped as low as $40 online before, so wait for a further sale.  Still a great looking (and more importantly) great fitting rugby.  See the full review here.

5. Stanley Classic Flask – $16.99

8 oz. Not a single one of them frou frou.

Classic is right.  The hammered green exterior, the knobby cap, and the plastic arm makes sure you won’t lose that cap after you’ve drained the flask itself.

6. Lands’ End Canvas Silk/Cotton Striped Tie – $39.50

Wear it year round.

Light years ahead of their buffalo check tie when it comes to versatility, this striped tie gets it right.  Two colors, the green is a good shade, and the width is 2 3/4″.  Should go on sale at some point.

7. Filson Original Briefcase in Otter Green – $210.00

Still made in the USA

Think these got popular again pretty quick?  The Otter Green and Brown are back-ordered until June.  Don’t be afraid of the lighter Tan though.  Looks more dressed up, and, it’s available now.

8. Banana Republic Cotton Fatigue Jacket – $130.00

Good fit, good weight, great hardware.

In a sea of utility/military inspired light cotton spring casual jackets, this is one of the better ones.  And since it’s Banana Republic, should be pretty easy to get on sale.

9. Jack Spade Single Fold Monza Leather Perforated Wallet – $50.00

Well ventilated too.

A single fold slim wallet that won’t look like anyone else’s.  “Inspired by leather detailing on vintage sports cars.”  Not sure any of that sports car leather was green, but this green look pretty damn good.

10. Christina Hendricks’ 2008 Emmy Awards Dress

This never gets old.  Points to Mr. Fatone for keeping his focus.  I’m gonna guess that maintaining eye contact wasn’t the easiest thing to do.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  May you not over do it on the Lucky Charms, Irish Car Bombs, and Jameson.