Kenneth Cole 50% off Sale Items

Kenneth Cole 50% off Sale Items

50% off Most Sale Items at

No it’s not a site wide sale.  But half off already reduced items is a pretty sweet deal, IF the items haven’t been picked over to pieces.  That doesn’t seem to be the case with what Kenneth Cole has put up for quick movement on the web.  Note that some of the sale items on are final sale, so… no returns.  Just look at the bottom of the item description and it’ll say in red whether it’s final sale or not.

But these following picks aren’t final sale yet.*  They’re just regular sale items that the extra 50% off applies to.  Plus, if you just head to and click on the “shop now” part of the extra 50% off sale graphic?  You get booted over to ONLY their final sale items section.  Nice for you, because now you know that more items available for the extra half off deal are strewn about the site.  Here’s the best of those:

Kenneth Cole New York “Mister Man” Suede – $89.99 (reg. $255)

Suede. Not a bad bit of variety.

Only if Kenneth Cole made all of his dress shoes with this type of elongated, rounded off toe shape.  The dark grey is a nice switch.  Great price for a pair of shoes you’ll only wear every so often.

Kenneth Cole New York “Mind Game” – $84.99 (reg. $215)

Rounded off toe, nice lines...

Looks like a more urban version of the Timberland City 6″ side zip.  Are zippers on both sides necessary?  Nah.  But it’s not a deal breaker.  The zipper pull is a little large, but no one will be seeing that anyway.  Available in Brown or black.

Kenneth Cole New York “Find Me” – $114.99 (reg. $298)  Made in Italy

Maybe a new weekend favorite.

Closer to a desert than combat boot, leather not suede, and an aggressive work-boot like sole.  Surprisingly made in Italy.  Not so surprising when you see that the original price was creeping up on $300.  Pretty simple in shape and design, which for Kenneth Cole?  Isn’t always a given.

Kenneth Cole New York Blaze A Trail – $114.99 (reg. $298)

Blaze a trail, at the grocery store.

Odd that they’d call this modified chelsea “Blaze A Trail” when the last thing you probably want to hike a trail in would be boots with elastic gore sides.  But those sides don’t dip too far down, sweep up nicely, and the boot looks like it’s built on the same platform as the “Find me.”

Kenneth Cole New York Leather Motorcycle Jacket – $159.99 (reg. $398)

Fit looks decent too?

Sure it won’t have Schott quality leather.  But if you want something simple, and you don’t want to over-extend yourself financially while dipping a toe in the leather jacket market, this looks like a not half bad way to do it.  Comes with a removable quilted vest.

*Final Sale status of these items could have changed depending on when you’re reading this, so again, read the description carefully…  Extra 50% off deal expires Thursday 3/10