ASOS 30% Off Shoe Sale

ASOS 30% Off Shoe Sale

ASOS 30% Off Select Shoes Sale – Free Shipping and Returns too

Been quite the week for footwear.  Kenneth Cole had a half off sale, J. Crew put some Danners up at a good price, and now ASOS throws their own bluchers (and then some) into the ring.

250 shoes have been marked down on including shoes from the ASOS house brand.  Marking down an ASOS shoe is like selling tuna fish at fish food prices.  Sure it’s not the wild caught Salmon, but Esquire UK describes their house brand asproviding great value… while maintaining a passable level of quality.”  And really, if you dress tuna up right, you can make one hell of a sandwich.  Here’s the picks.  Not all of them are chunk light:

The Dress Shoes:  Rolando Sturlini Brogues – $236.68 ($300) | ASOS Derby – $43.93 ($63)

Left: The Penthouse. Right: The Outhouse.

Not sure if the ASOS guys are using “new math” but 70% of $295.85 is not $236.68.  It’s closer to $207.  Still one incredible looking slimmed down brogue.  Made in Italy as well.  The ASOS Derby is now dirt cheap.  The toe might be too pointy for most.

The Boots:  ASOS Brogues – $81.58 ($117) | ASOS Made in U.K. Chelsea – $175.71 ($252)

Believe it or not, both made by ASOS.

Wingtip / Brogue styled boots are here to stay, and they’re a perfect pairing for denim & just about anything semi dressed up.  The Made in England Chelseas are as classic as it gets.  Great shape, and thanks to the Goodyear Welt construction, you could potentially have them for a lonnnnng time.  That should make you and your cobbler happy.  Limited sizes.  Available in brown too.

The Casual Shoes:  Lacoste Plimsolls – $64.55 (reg. $81) | ASOS Boat Shoes – $47.51 ($68)

C'mon sun.

Maybe this is just wishful thinking for a little more sun.  White sneakers will go pretty well with this and some bare ankles come summer.  The boat shoes will go well with this type of environment when it heats up too.  The Navy, brown laces, and white sole give it that nautical look all at once.  So don’t overdo it with white pants and a navy blazer.

Watch for the ASOS 30% off shoe sale to end 3/12.  But it could go longer…