Win This Duffel – The Frost River Waxed Canvas Flight Bag

Win This Duffel – The Frost River Waxed Canvas Flight Bag

Frost River’s Waxed Canvas Flight Bag – $120 – $140

Tough doesn’t have to be ugly.  And simple doesn’t have to be boring.  One bag in particular seems to prove those two statements: The Waxed Canvas Flight bag from the Duluth MN based soft-goods manufacturer Frost River.

It first showed up here in the Best of Made in the USA feature, and the guys at Frost River made it clear they were glad to be on the list.  So glad that they wanted to pass along one of their popular flight bags for a giveaway.  That’s a tough deal to turn down.

Made of heavy duty (but not too weighty) waxed cotton canvas, each of these bags has a unique & continuously developing patina.  For those who don’t spend their Monday nights watching Antiques Roadshow, that means each one looks slightly different.  Plus the exterior will only get better with age.  Plenty big for a weekend too.

To get entered to win the bag you see here, leave the destination of your next planned trip (or one you’d at least like to take) in the comments section.  If your name is the one that’s randomly drawn, the bag is yours.

Deadline for entry is Wednesday 2/23/11 at 11:59 pm ET.  Feel free to let your friends know about the giveaway via facebook & twitter with our handy share bar right below. (yep, shameless)  Shipping is on us unless you live in, I don’t know, Nepal or something.  Good luck, and safe travels.

UPDATE: Congrats to Adam T. who won the drawing for the Frost River Flight Bag.  He said he’d take it to Nashville.  We’ll see if he makes it.  Thanks to all of you who entered, and know we’re always trying to find great giveaways…