The Best of Presidents Day Sales

The Best of Presidents Day Sales

Presidents Day 2011 – The Best of the Best Sales

Above photo credit: K. Magoon

Ahhh Presidents Day.  Originally created to celebrate George Washington’s birthday every February 22nd, the Feds changed it back in the 70s so it instead falls on the third Monday in February.  It just so happens that it’s quite impossible for February 22nd to actually land on the third Monday in February.  So we now celebrate our first President’s birthday on a day that will never be his actual date of birth.  I’m sure George would be proud.

The trend for Presidents Day discounts seem to be markdowns on select sale merchandise.  So… select merchandise, only the already on sale stuff… it makes for some limited choices.  Some of these select items are about as memorable as Franklin Pierce.  But there’s a few worth noting.  So, let’s note em:

Gap Pinstripe Cotton Blazer – $73.50 (reg. $98)

Not a bad price. Not a bad looking blazer.

Gap is running a somewhat misleading sale.  At first it looks like it’s 44% off 44 styles, but it’s really UP TO 44% off 44 styles.  So while this blazer only works out to being 25% off, it’s still a pretty decent price for a do anything blazer.

Gap Tailored Khaki in Straight or Slim Fit – $34.65 (reg. $49.50)

Office ready.

Thanks to the unfortunate permanent crease down the front of each leg, these are dressy.  BUT… pair em’ with that blazer right above these with a white shirt and maybe a knit tie?  And you’ve got a great looking cheap alternative to a full blown summer suit.  For a full rundown on how the new “Tailored” Khaki fits, click here.

J. Fluevog Oxford – $149 | Allen Edmonds Lombard – $228 | R. Cameron Simple – $124

All three available in multiple color options.

Amazon’s shoe store is running a pretty sweet sale that knocks 20% off men’s dress shoes over $150.  The above three pairs come in at different price points, should appeal to different tastes, and all come with free two day shipping & free returns.  Pretty good when you consider their regular retail prices.  No code to remember.  The savings show up once you put the shoes in your cart.

Emporio Armani Black Dial Chronograph – $206.90icon(reg. $345)

Not quite a blackout watch.

That’s one mean looking watch.  But thanks to a not too huge 41mm case diameter, it’s mean but not gigantic and obnoxious.  Leather band, coin edge black case, and a textured dial.

Converse Jack Purcell Johnny – $44.00 (reg. $79.95)

A nice change of pace.

They screwed with the Jack Purcell?  Wait a minute though… it actually looks pretty good.  New colors, kinda a PF Flyers Bob Cousey inset piece, and some extra stitching.  Not bad.

Banana Republic Moleskin Peacoat – $74.99 (reg. $198) w/ code BRPRES25

Moleskin = thicker than chino.

Banana Republic’s deal is an extra 25% off sale items as long as you use the code BRPRES25 at checkout.  Need a spring jacket that’s not your average utility chino thing?  This isn’t a bad option.

Cole Haan Slim Computer Case – $119.00 (reg. $198)

Warm brown leather. And that's about it.

So you don’t want a hard sided attache, but you don’t want some rough canvas workbag either.  This slim case from Cole Haan seems to be a great compromise.  And at $120 it’s a bargain for the looks it delivers..

Kenneth Cole Mister Man Suede – $89.99 (reg. $255)

Suede but still plenty sleek

The shape of Kenneth Cole’s Mister Man laceup is one of his best pointed toe options, and the suede version is marked down to $90.  The description says “imported” but, the online pics of the undercarriage show a stamp that clearly reads “Fatte in Italia.”  Not sure if your shoes will have the same, but that’s a promising sign for quality.

Original Penguin Card Case + Gloves + Bag = $104.97 w/code GRANT

Not bad if you're willing to drop $100.

Original Penguin’s President’s Day Sale is $5 off $25 with the code Lincoln, $20 off $75 with the code Jackson, and $50 off $150 with the code Grant (Get it?  The Presidents and the currency they’re on?  Eh?).  So to max out the deal, you can save $50 off a total $154.97 by packaging those three items up.  If they appeal to you.
*UPDATE: Or… just take 30% off your entire order plus get free shipping with the code PRESIDENT30 from 11:59am PT through 11:59pm PT today, 2/21/2011

Filson Cover Cloth Water Resistant Cotton Bomber – $139.90 (reg. $210)

Made in the USA.

Made in America, classic designs, but still clean and cool enough for just about any guy who cares about style.  Suede color and an oil-finish (think waxed cotton) that should keep most of the rain off.  A terrific price when you consider that ASOS is selling the brown version for an asinine $400.

Levi’s Washed Canvas Weekender – $29.99 (reg. $58)

Silly inexpensive.

Was $35 at one point.  Now it’s under $30.  Not a bad backup bag to your usual get out of town for a long weekend luggage.  If the long weekend could extend into, say… Tuesday or Wednesday?  Grab this too.

Happy President’s day to George, Abe, and the rest of the gang.  Whatever your plans today, try to avoid chopping down a cherry tree, and know that since it’s a Federal Holiday your mailbox will be empty.