Timberland Earthkeepers Side Zip Boot – Long term field test

Timberland Earthkeepers Side Zip Boot – Long term field test

Extended Field Test:  Timberland Earthkeepers 6-inch Zip Boot – $83.99 (reg. $170)

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These boots are a rare find.  Equally great looking with jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt or a button up under a sweater under a blazer, these aren’t work boots or dress boots.  You can’t categorize them.  They’re unique, and they pull the best features from each of those styles to make a hybrid that’s as close to flawless as it gets.

The rounded toe shape is a nod to every work boot you’ve ever seen, but the leather isn’t bulky and doesn’t rise up much higher than your foot.  The low and sleek profile looks terrific.  The cap toe is more than accent stitching, and the extra leather extends much further back than a pair of cap-toe dress shoes.  That only adds to the slim and slightly elongated look.

The YKK zipper on the side is a tough, solid gauge and stands out just enough when mostly covered with a pair of jeans.  It slides smoothly and you can tell that unlike a lot of zippers, this thing was built to last.

The profile, the cap toe, and the zipper are what sets these apart.

Baby them or beat them up.  It’s totally up to you, and they’ll react well with either scenario.  Thanks to the traction on the sole, these are my go to boots for bad weather days.  I’ve gone straight from the office to a post work hike on muddy trails with no trouble.

They aren’t insulated or waterproof, but they easily stand up to snow and ice.  They soften up quickly and the leather doesn’t seem to get scuffed easily.  I’ve worn the hell out of them for two months, and these boots have only gotten better and garnered more compliments as the winter has worn on.

The Grades:  Timberland Earthkeepers Side Zip at 2 Months

Looks: A+
So far?  A

Made in Vietnam.  Part of the Eco-Conscious “Earthkeepers” series.  Available in a light brown, dark brown, and black.  Dark brown will be the most versatile.  The Black with the zipper might look a little biker-ish.  Look for more long term field test updates on these boots in the coming months.