The Gap & Banana Republic 30% Off Event

The Gap & Banana Republic 30% Off Event

Banana Republic 30% off code:  BRWINTER30 | Gap 30% off Code: GAPSPRING

Banana Republic, Gap, and Old Navy are all owned by the same company.  And you can navigate back and forth between their stores using the nifty tabs at the top of their websites.  All your items go into the same cart, and if you get to $50 at any point, even pre-code, with any combination, they kick down free shipping.

So combine that with the fact that BR and GAP have marked their entire sites down by 30%, and you can score some decent deals if you poke around both sites.  Here’s the catch:  If you do cross pollinate for free shipping, you need to use BOTH CODES to get the discount on each item.  Got that?  Here’s some picks.  All will make it over the free shipping threshold, even if it means  you have to put some odd items in your cart…

BR Heritage Double Breasted Plaid Trench – $174.30 (reg. $375)

There's still plenty of cold weather left...

Already marked way down, the extra 30% off dumps this coat into reasonable territory.  And it’s a statement coat that those non-minimalists with extra panache could totally pull off.  No clue why it’s called a trench, it’s just a good length peacoat.  Mainly wool with a little nylon mixed in.  Looks pretty slick.

BR Silk Cotton Cashmere Sweater Vest – $34.65 ($49.50) + Gap Boxers – $3.49 ($4.99)

Boxers = free shipping.

The pre code total ads up to $54.49.  The boxers are there for the free shipping since the vest is conveniently priced at just under the $50 threshold.  Imagine that.  If you’re not a boxers guy?  Use em’ as a rag to check your oil.

GAP Navy Striped Cotton Blazer – $68.60 (reg. $98)

Anyone else notice that GAP is now using models more often?

Haven’t seen this thing in store yet, but cotton blazers from GAP haven’t done me wrong… yet.  Two button front, nice looking lapels, and a real subtle pinstripe.  Ready to be worn now, and at 100% cotton it should come in pretty handy once it warms up.

BR Essential Belted Trench – $175 (reg. $250)

Not quite as good as the one before it.

Just saw this in store and honestly?  It’s not as good as the previous version.  This one is cut a little more… tubular.  Less tailored, and in a lighter shade (see the in store side by side here).  Still nice, and the all cotton fabric feels like it’ll keep the rain off decently, but if you can find one of their darker water resistant khaki trench coats in store?  You might be able to snag it for double digits.

BR Tailored Linen/Cotton Blazer – $138.60 (reg. $198)

Winter meeting & Summer Wedding ready

A great option for the guys who want a well cut, do anything, navy blazer but don’t want the traditional wool with gold buttons package.  Patch pockets lowers the formality factor, but still plenty slick to wear with a shirt and tie.

GAP Navy Tattersol Plaid Shirt – $34.65 ($49.50) & Women’s Teeny Bikini – $2.09 ($8.50)

The math made me do it.

Tattersall will be the gingham of 2011.  The cheap women’s underwear is only to get the free shipping (stay with me here).  The pre-code price on the shirt is $0.50 less than the $50 threshold.  You just have to decide if getting a pair of panties in your shipment is worth saving the shipping charges.  Looks like they’re the least expensive thing on the entire GAP site.  And get this… the only size they’ve got is XXL.  So, if your wife or girlfriend finds em’, and she thinks you’re buying her double-X underwear?  YOU ARE A DEAD MAN.  You have been warned.

The Gap code expires first, Saturday 1/22 at 11:59 ET, while the BR code expires 24 hours later.  30% off store wide only available online.  But know that some stores are doing massive markdowns on their sale items, and you could potentially find even better deals on sale stuff at your local brick and mortar Gap and BR