The Express Signature Polo’s Triumphant Return

The Express Signature Polo’s Triumphant Return

Express Signature Stretch Cotton Polo – $39.90 ($29.90 with monthly coupon card)

It’s back.  More than a couple of you sent in a style tip about the in-store return of the Express Signature Polo.  Notice is well deserved, since they seem to be the best looking and fitting polo on the market.  And now that it’s finally online, everyone has access to it.

With its glass smooth, mainly cotton with a touch of spandex fabric, the Signature Polo might be the best thing Express has going.  The 1MX for all its upside, still has durability issues.  These polos don’t.  Express had yanked the plain, no-logo signature from their stores during the colder months, all while continuing to sell horribly over embellished polos.  I thought that was a sign that the signature was a goner for sure.

But they’re back now and they seem almost identical to last year’s model.  The off the rack fit feels slightly more roomy, but a tumble in a dryer might change that.  The buttons are a black/grey mix with the Express logo somewhat visible, and on the previous version the buttons were all one color.  But that’s a nitpicky difference at best.

Available for a more than fair $30 with a monthly mailer coupon card.  And they’re still without a real challenger to the top polo throne.*

Available in five plain, neutral, non logoed colors.

*Disagree with that?  Leave your favorite polo in the comments section below.