The Best of Banana Republic – New Arrivals Spring 2011

The Best of Banana Republic – New Arrivals Spring 2011

Banana Republic Top 5 New Spring Arrivals

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New car model years, monthly magazines, and seasonal clothing lines.  They all show up strangely early.  You’d think your February issue of Esquire would show up in February.  And you’d also think spring clothing lines wouldn’t show up until at least after Groundhog Day.  But that’s not the way it works and no one’s really stunned by the fact that retailers want us all looking ahead.

Banana Republic just launched the first chunk of their spring line.  Use the code BRJAN25 and you’ll get 25% knocked off the retail price.  Free shipping over $50 too.  Here’s five options worth consideration:

Essential Belted Trench – $187.50 (reg. $250)

The previous version was a tough act to follow.

Could this version be any where near as good as their previous trench?  This time around it appears that the coat is a more traditional lighter khaki color, and 100% cotton.  The all cotton makeup means it won’t shed water like the old water resistant trench which had a bit of nylon in it.  Hopefully it has the same trim fit as its predecessor.

Silk Cotton Cashmere Sweater Vest – $37.13 (reg. $49.50)

Also available in navy.

Hot damn it’s back.  And yeah, that’s probably the words “hot damn” have ever been associated with a sweater vest.  If you’ve got an athletic shape, a sweater vest cleans up the lines through your torso.  Even the most well tailored shirts will bulge a little and a sweater vest smooths out that fabric underneath.  Your shoulders also look more defined.  Where this one should become head and shoulders above the rest is in the construction.  Mainly silk.  Smooth, tough, won’t stretch out.  I have a previous version of the same makeup and I wear it all the time.  Wearing a sweater vest ain’t the easiest thing to do.  Here’s a few suggestions to minimize the dork factor.

Double Stitch Leather Belt – $37.13 (reg. $49.50)

About as exciting as a belt should get

Proof that a casual belt doesn’t have to be boring.  Brass buckle, double stitching all the way around, and just enough character without being over the top.  Most of the time when wearing this your shirts will be untucked.  So it’ll only show it’s unique stitching on occasion.

Straight Fit Canvas Five-Pocket Pant – $52.13 (reg. $69.50)

Get the light version. Not quite white, but light enough.

Back in mid September Banana Republic had an eerily similar pant available in stores for what felt like maybe 25 minutes.  There one day and gone the next.  The William Henry Harrison of pants.  These look to be almost identical.  Same regular price, similar description, etc…  If these are close to fit and fabric feel, they’re the solution for guys who are addicted to jeans but want to branch out.  Even on sale at $50, it’s still a lot to pay for a pair of chinos.  But the previous incarnation felt a lot better than a pair of Dockers.

Moleskin Peacoat – $148.50 (reg. $198)

For the warm winter or cool spring days.

If you’re the type that’s disappointed to put away your wool peacoat once winter wraps up, here’s your lighter warmer weather option.  Made of cotton moleskin it’ll still be thicker and heavier than a regular chino utility jacket, and it has all the look of a cropped wool peacoat.  Nice nod to the baracuta/harrington jacket with the button flap front pockets.

The 25% off your order code BRJAN25 expires on Thursday January 13th…