Lands’ End Canvas Massive Stock Room Sale

Lands’ End Canvas Massive Stock Room Sale

Lands’ End Canvas Stock Room Event – Ends Thursday 1/20

Use code shippingisfree and pin 5859 for free shipping, no minimum (credit Faalexand in the comments)
Or… Use code thinkwarm and pin 3326 for 20% off your sale items plus free shipping on orders $50+ (credit jonathan in the comments)
Or… if that one goes away, Use code CANVASFS50 and pin 3311 for free shipping on orders $50+

Lands’ End Canvas stuff is pretty affordable to begin with.  So when they do a huge winter clearance event like this, the term “stock up” can absolutely apply.

Spend more than $50 (which during a sale like this might actually be somewhat difficult to do) and you can get free shipping with the code CANVASFS50 and pin 3311 at checkout.  (UPDATE: or, just use the free shipping no minimum code is above.  Thanks again to Faalexand in the comments)  Here’s a few picks:

The Shoes:  Canvas Lace-Up – $15.29 (reg. $49.50)

plenty of sizes available

Seriously?  $15 for a pair of good looking classic canvas sneaks?  I might have to suspend my current allegiances to PF Flyers and Jack Purcells for this one.  The white pair will come in massively handy from Spring through Fall.

The Do Everything Sweater:  Cotton Wool V-Neck – $19.99 (reg. $49.50)

Plenty of color options too.

Some of us are suckers for wool blends.  Same goes for v-neck collars that aren’t razor thin.  This one is a cotton wool mix and the collar looks like it’s got some width to it.

The winter pants:  Straight Fit Cords – $21.59 (reg. $49.50)

Lots of options. Lots.

Most cords come in two, maybe three colors.  The Lands End Canvas straight fit cord comes in five different colors.  Sizes are a bit sporadic, but… most are still available.

The ol’ standby sweater: Shaker Shawl Cardigan – $27.99 (reg. $59.50)

A great hoodie alternative

Shaker style = thicker, beefier knit, usually a warm shawl collar, and larger buttons.  Your read the paper, go camping, make breakfast, extra layer.

The almost as good as the Express Signature Polo: Jersey Polo – $8.99 (reg. $24.50)

Slim, non spongey fabric.

Almost, but not quite as good as the Express signature.  They run a touch big so consider sizing down.  At 5’9″ 165 the medium is slightly big on me.  I might size down to a small.  For the full rundown review, click here.

The Quick Blazer Fix – Marled Twill Blazer – $51.99 SHIPPED (reg. $129.50)

Not bad at $50

Use the code and you’ll get free shipping thanks to the just over $50 price point.  A warning, it does have three buttons, so if that’s not your style?  Prepare to have the lapels pressed into a two button shape.

The Ties:  Solid Silk/Wool, Griffin Crest, and Striped Knit Ties – $11.99 (reg. $39.50)

About twice as much as you'd pay... at a thrift store.

All just different enough, with the exception of the extremely preppy Griffin Crest.  That one might be a little too different for some, but Style Pro and friend of Dappered Sabir P. shows how to pull it off, and then some.

The Lands’ End Canvas Stock Room Sale ends today, 1/20/2011.  And if you’re hypothetically going for high versatility items that’ll add up to get you the free with $50 shipping?  Try this combo:

All added up = $52.86.  So 20% off plus free shipping if you use the code thinkwarm and the pin 3326. Thanks to jonathan for that code.  If that code starts to come up empty, CANVASFS50 and pin 3311 will get you free shipping on orders $50+
Also thanks again to Faalexand in the comments for the free shipping no minimum code:  shippingisfree, pin: 5859

Anybody else confused yet??