Hand Cream for Men

Hand Cream for Men

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector – $18.50

This isn’t about making the skin on your hands soft.  I’d actually rather not have the person on the other end of my hand shake think “gee whiz this dude sure has soft hands…”  This is about preventing spontaneous knuckle splitting, thumb cracking, and open bleeding those of us in drier climates get stuck with at this time of year.

We have pets so I’m washing my hands a lot.  I take hot showers and use bar soap.  I leave for my morning run in the bitter cold at 6am.  All of that adds up to dry skin on my hands.  A split opened up on my right index finger’s middle knuckle when I gripped my steering wheel last week. Blood everywhere.  An open wound like that will make you think twice about flesh eating bacteria the next time you go to grab some barbells at the gym.

I got this stuff for my wife for Christmas and she suggested I give it a try.  So far it’s working pretty well.  It smells earthy (not girly) thanks to the hemp seed oil and beeswax.  The scent is also unusually light for something from The Body Shop.  It soaks into skin pretty quick, and it seems to do the job for my knuckles.

Shipping is steep so if you can’t find this near you, drop an on-sale tub of Hemp Body Butter in your Amazon cart and gift it over to your significant other.  That’ll get you above the $25 free shipping threshold, and you’re set.  Purchasing direct from The Body Shop’s Website is rough, because they only offer free shipping at $50.

(UPDATE: Credit to John in the comments. The code FREESHIP17 will get you free shipping through the Body Shop’s website. Expires at the end of today, 1/17)