Style Battle – Button Fly vs. Zipper Fly

Style Battle – Button Fly vs. Zipper Fly

Gap Authentic Fit Zip Fly Jeans – $54.50 .|. Levi’s 501 Button Fly Jeans – $39.99

Forget boxers vs briefs.  There appears to be a serious rift amongst the male denim wearing community when it comes to how they choose to close their barn door.  Here’s the argument for each:

The case for Zipper Fly: It’s the evolution of fasteners.  Why live in the past?  A zip fly is easy to use, quickly re-fastens, and doesn’t add any extra weight to the jeans.  They also won’t come undone on their own unlike a button or two on a button fly.

The case for Button Fly: If it’s about fastener evolution, wouldn’t we all be wearing velcro fly jeans by now?  Sounds sexy.  The button fly offers one handed undoing operation (zippers require you to hold the waist band as you unzip).  Button fly jeans feel less flimsy.  There’s no risk of injury… i.e. There’s Something About Mary.

Now it’s your turn.  Make your case and leave your vote in the comments section below…

And may the best fly win.

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