Everyone needs a go to movie – What’s yours?

Everyone needs a go to movie – What’s yours?

The Go To Movie – Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen

Everybody has one.  A movie you own on DVD, maybe even had on VHS once upon a time, and it’s your standby entertainment for those days when you want to watch something that’s:

  1. Familiar
  2. Awesome

It’s a movie that makes you feel good.  Something that’s probably a little predictable, has plenty of chemistry between the actors, and is easily quotable.  Maybe you identify with it, maybe you don’t.  Maybe it speaks to something deeper within your, or it’s shallow as all hell.  But it’s that movie you reach for time and time again when you want to let all your obligations go, zone out a bit, and completely relax.  You might even have favorite and least favorite scenes picked out.  And there’s no shame in skipping ahead to the best ones.

If you’ve spent more than a few weeks on this website, it’s not tough to figure out my own personal go to movie.  I reference it enough.  Ocean’s 11.  12 and 13 too, but the first re-make with Clooney and the rest is tops.  Yeah, it’s candy.  But so what…


A close second is Casino Royale.  Not nearly as lighthearted as the suited up caper flicks of the Ocean’s trilogy (i.e. Benedict never tortures Danny Ocean by mangling his testicles) but it’s hard to argue with this scene on the train between Bond and Vesper.  Third place goes to the first six innings or so of the made for PBS documentary Baseball by Ken Burns.  That thing got me through some very poor and not the smoothest of times.

We all have one.  And it’s probably something that cinema snobs would turn their nose up at.

So what’s yours?

If you‘d like, leave your pick in the comments section below.  No slights or questioning someone else’s favorite here either (unless it’s like, The Music Man or something).  We all have different cinematic forms of comfort food.