The subtle red check shirt. For under $30

The subtle red check shirt.  For under $30

Alfani RED Fitted Check Dress Shirt – $24.99 (reg. $45)

If memory serves, Philadelphia Style Examiner, Esquire BDRM Finalist, and the guy behind… Sabir Peele (yep, all the same guy.  Helluva resume, no?) came across this shirt clear back in September.  He even took a pic of his and posted it in the comments section of a One Day Sale post.

Months later it ends up in the Macy’s closest to the Dappered home offices, and after a quick swipe of a Macy’s card I’m walking out with a red shirt that I’ll actually wear.

I never wear red.  It’s all grays, blues, blacks, and browns.  Red just doesn’t look that great on me, and it doesn’t look great on a lot of people.  People in the TV industry even shy away from it because on camera it can dominate and mess up the color balance.  But here’s why this is the perfect red shirt for guys who are addicted to blue, gray, and black:

The check is so perfectly small, and the lines of color are so thin (but still noticeable), that it adds just enough color to allow you to wear nothing but black, white, and gray along with it.  And you won’t look like you stepped off the set of Reservoir Dogs.

But more on what to pair it with tomorrow…

(Note:  Doesn’t look like the simple thin check is available online… might have to go digging in store.)

Up close with the pattern