The $30 Herringbone Pant – In Person Review

The $30 Herringbone Pant – In Person Review

Old Navy Herringbone Pant – $27.60 (reg. $34.50) w/ code ONHOLIDAY

Credit to Jeff for sending in the style tip

Old Navy is a haystack.  But there are a few needles to be found.  If you’ve got a tailor, don’t hesitate on their chino or wool blend blazers.  They’re a little boxy, but at under $50 along with some tailoring magic you can get them looking incredible for incredibly cheap.  What sets these Herringbone cotton pants apart from the blazers, is that you might not even need your tailor to make these look great.

Seriously.  Stay with me here.

Old Navy stuff runs HUGE.  It was even proved.  But if you size down just one inch in the waist, these pants are actually decently slim through the thigh.  I wouldn’t say Levi’s 514 or even 501 slim, but not as wide as say a Gap authentic jean.  Kinda like a Dockers D2.5 if they made such a thing.  Look at the reviews on  People are whining up a storm about how “small” they are.

Dear kmrh826 in Madison WI: The 36×30 on your fiancee isn’t small, it FITS.  And tell him if he wants the waist to fit better, he does have the option of laying off the bratwurst for a month or so.

They’re 100% cotton, the pattern is noticeable in person (but not as noticeable as seen in the extreme close up below), and the construction isn’t super sturdy but it’s not flimsy either.  If you’re in the market for a wear to work or even an at home on the weekend cotton pant with a subtle pattern?  Here they are.  For $30.

20% off code ONHOLIDAY expires 12/14 at 11:59 ET


Super close up. The herringbone is noticeable, but not this noticeable from a reasonable distance.