Affordable Gifts for men – The 12 Days of Dappered #4

Affordable Gifts for men – The 12 Days of Dappered #4

The iPod Shuffle | 4th Generation – $41.00

12 weekdays, 12 gifts, not a partridge or pear tree amongst them.  And no golden rings either.  The goal is to keep these affordable (which is honestly, tough to define) but still interesting.  At the very least these should be idea starters.  Click here for the previous days.

This is the iPod for the man on the move who wants to keep things sleek and simple.

It has enough room for 500 songs.  Carries a charge that’ll give you 15 hours of audio playback.  And most importantly it’s tiny.  So small that you can easily slip it in your inside jacket pocket and completely forget it’s there.

But when the baby a few rows up on your flight starts to get fussy?  You’ll be glad it is.

You also might want to stop carrying your bulky old (or bulky new) iPod or iPhone around on a goofy looking armband while working out.  This thing is only $40.  Lose that deck of cards shaped gizmo strapped to your tricep and clip this to your shorts instead.

I don’t worship at the Alter of Jobs often.  But this time, I have to hand it to him.  These things are incredible.

What’s your preferred mp3 player?  Leave it in the comments section below, and make your case.

Cheap, small, and pretty tough.