Affordable Gifts for men – The 12 Days of Dappered #10

Affordable Gifts for men – The 12 Days of Dappered #10

Best Made Co. Japanese Hatchet and Canvas Tool Roll – $99.00

12 weekdays, 12 gifts, not a partridge or pear tree amongst them.  And no golden rings either.  The goal is to keep these affordable (which is honestly, tough to define) but still interesting.  At the very least these should be idea starters.  Click here for the previous days.

Tinder, Kindling, Fuel.  That’s what you need to start a decent fire.  And if you grew up near any kind of substantial wooded area, you probably learned at a young age how to go out and find that stuff laying on the ground.  But many of us have moved into the bigger city with age.  And although there is no other option, buying firewood at a gas station or grocery store still feels like some sort of criminal act.

The trouble starts when you get that overpriced batch of quartered logs home.  It’s all fuel.  Dry as hell, but you need something between newspaper and 10 inch diameter split wood.  So you need some kind of hatchet.  And this is about as good looking as one can get.

Sold by Best Made Co., it’s admittedly expensive.  But if it works anywhere near as well as a standard hatchet then I think the unique & hand-me-down factors make up for the cost.  Knock a few one to two inch pieces off the edges of your store-bought chunks of wood, and you’ll be set to get your fire roaring.

Then just try to resist using it to hack a full salmon up into steaks.