The Indochino Suit Review – Ultimate Gray

The Indochino Suit Review – Ultimate Gray

Indochino Ultimate Gray Three Piece Suit – $419.00

The Details: Regular notch lapel, center vent.  Shirt by Alfani Red.  Tie made in Italy.

Well I’m impressed.  Eight months ago I was so full of skepticism that I claimed I’d likely stick with my favorite off the rack brands and my incredible tailor for the foreseeable future.  Things have changed.  I can say with confidence that my next suit will be from Indochino.  Here’s why:

I don’t have to settle in one area to get what I want in another.

I don’t have to settle for some suit with flimsy construction because the shoulder padding is actually minimal.  I don’t have to settle for low armholes because the price is too good to pass up.  I don’t have to settle for a jacket that’s a little too short or a little too long because somehow I’m in between an R and an S, depending on brand.

This suit gets it all right.  Especially the perfectly placed armholes and minimal shoulder padding.  I could throw a curve ball in this thing and not tug at the torso.  Now, I don’t want to sound like I’m completely in the bag for these guys, so here’s the few points I wasn’t totally impressed with:

1. My vest is too short. By about an inch, maybe inch and a half.  Could be my torso is strangely long, or my lats are a little too wing-like, but it’s going back for a replacement.  No issue though, customer service is fine with that.

2. The buttons on the jacket sleeve seem a little thin. They’re also layered really close on top of each other in what resembles a short flight of stairs.  I prefer them not as stacked, which will streamline the sleeve.  But that’s an easy fix via my tailor.  (see an up-close of the buttons here)

Those are my only complaints.  And they’re far outweighed by the advantages seen not just on this suit you see here, but also on the suits I have yet to order from Indochino.  Here’s what I mean…

The real genius is not in your first suit from Indochino, but your second, third, and so on.  Why?  Because after you get that first suit out of the box and put it on, you can find what mistakes the tailors might have made (off the measurements you gave them mind you), and get them fixed with the $75 re-tailoring credit.  Maybe the pants are a little snug or the jacket could come in just a touch.  Indochino supplies you with a worksheet to record your new and improved measurements, and then you upload that adjusted data to their site.

Click for a vertical shot

That’s incredibly smart.  Because as long as you keep your waistline in check, every suit after that one will be dead on perfect the first time you put it on.  No extra tailoring necessary ever again.  Load on top of that the brand’s unparalelled selection of fabrics and patterns, and Indochino succeeds in being incredibly unique.

Yes you do have to wait a few weeks for your suit to arrive.  And yes you do have to weave your way through the slightly indulgent pics on their website.  But there is one thing you won’t have to do with Indochino which you will have to do with almost all other affordable suits…


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