Style debate: Tie loosened with a tie clip?

Style debate: Tie loosened with a tie clip?

Tie clip + loosened tie = Good or bad?

There’s something sartorially backwards about wearing a tie clip then not buttoning the top button on your shirt.  A tie clip’s purpose is to keep your tie under control.  And then you unbutton your shirt collar and let the knot hang loose and free?

J. Crew (that’s a Ludlow suit you see above) uses this look extensively and it does show off the rumpled but still dressed up image that the brand has mastered.  But is this “I just had a long day and now I’m at happy hour” look best left to the pages of catalogs?

Have you executed this in public, would you consider it, would you not, and why?

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Gotta hand it to J. Crew on the tie clip itself.  Perfectly simple and sterling silver. $60.

J.Crew at ShopStyle