Most Wanted Affordable Style – November 2010

Most Wanted Affordable Style – November 2010

Top 5 Most Wanted – November 2010

Consider these to be power rankings.  Whether you’re looking for gift ideas or a quick upgrade for yourself, expect these to come around about once a month.  The best of the best, which you may or may not have seen already.  Agreements, disagreements, and additions are more than welcome in the comments section below.

5. Boden Portobello Prince of Wales Blazer – $148.00

Grey but not boring. Wear it with jeans.

It’s that time of year when you can wear a jacket just about anywhere.  And if it’s someplace super casual, where you’ll almost always be the one guy in a blazer, why not make it a bold pattern that can go well with jeans?  Ryan mentioned in the comments section over here that it seems to be pretty high quality too.  Also available in a subtle brown or grey herringbone.

4. Cole Haan Air Garrett in Mahagony – $129.90 (reg. $195.00)

Slim, mahogany brown, and eye catching.

The right slimmed down modern shape, the right rich brown color, and the right price.  Just under $130 means it’s a stretch for some, but not totally out of reach.  Wear em’ with a light grey suit for a particularly British look.

3. Beefeater Limited Edition Winter Gin – $??.??

Gin for sipping when it's cold out.

The distillers added cinnamon, nutmeg, and pine shoots to the normal batch.  What came out of it is a gin they claim that’s perfect for winter.  But is it born from genuine artistry?  Or is it marketing?  Drinks correspondent Ben Madeska weighs in:  “On one hand it’s a marketing ploy.  On the other… just because it’s a marketing ploy doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste good, and it does look like it tastes good.  I’d try it.” Same here.  It’ll probably be almost impossible to find.  Who knows on price.  But the guys over at Gintime are giving away a few bottles.

2.  Banana Republic Quilted Full Zip Jacket – $130.00

It looks better than this. Promise.

The leather jacket / cotton cadet jacket alternative.  Looks 100x better in person.  Slim fit, great front pockets, and a thin stripe across the shoulders.  $130 retail, but sales can drop it to around $90.

1. J. Crew Rugged Twill Messenger Bag – $128.00

It'd look better with a bottle of Beefeater in it.

It’s still hard to believe how low the price is on this thing.  Great for a modern workplace that’s not quite suit and tie.