Masculine scarves for fall & winter 2010

Masculine scarves for fall & winter 2010

Express Slim Grid – $39.90 | Penfield Check – $34.48 | Boden Cashmere – $54.40 (reg. $60)

If you have a coat that looks like one of these, you’ll need a scarf.  Peacoats and overcoats have that V right where your sternum and collarbone meet.  It looks great, but it’s an easy entry point for cold air.  Consider the following to be strong suggestions for how to pick one out, and where to don that piece of cloth you use to keep your neck warm.

  • Patterns are great, but like your neckties, keep it simple.
  • Colors are good too (like the purple penfield above) but err on the side of muted.
  • Yes you can wear a scarf with just a blazer.  But it better be crisp out.
  • Once you get inside, the scarf comes off.
  • ^ Unless it has your favorite football or soccer team’s name on it, and the game is on.
  • A scarf has a beginning and an end.  None of this infinity monkey business.
  • It should be functional.  So get one thick enough to keep the wind out.
  • Wool is best.  Merino wool is better.  Cashmere, not necessary, but nice if it’s affordable.
  • Fringe is okay in small doses.
  • Leaving one end draped over your back is for WWI flying aces only.

Got any other suggestions for scarf usage guidelines?  Leave em’ in the comments section below…

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