Dappered Classics – Rachel Weisz in the next Bond Movie?

Dappered Classics – Rachel Weisz in the next Bond Movie?

Rachel Weisz to be in the new James Bond Movie Rumors

Dappered.com fully endorses this idea.

Dappered.com fully endorses these rumors.

Originally Published 3/23/10
Note: For the longest time it looked like the next James Bond movie was on indefinite hiatus.  But there’s been some good news recently.  At this point it looks somewhat likely that we’ll see Daniel Craig as James Bond again in a few years.  Here’s to hoping Rachel Weisz is in the next flick too.

The James Bond movie franchise re-set was executed perfectly.  Rachel Weisz is gorgeous.  So it was really just a matter of time before the two were combined.  Right?

Daniel Craig and Ms. Weisz are currently filming a thriller called “Dream House” together, and the subject of the next Bond Movie appears to have come up during the shoot in Toronto:

We’ve been getting on well and yet I still haven’t had an offer to be a Bond girl, if he asks me, I’d definitely do it.

According to multiple reports, she’d be less of a classic Bond girl, and more of the main villain.  Specifically the head of the evil organization Quantum, which 007 has been chasing for the last two movies. Whether these are just plain rumors or not, there’s no denying that combining these two things would be a terrific idea:

From the Esquire UK “Most Marriable Woman” Shoot

Weisz could easily play evil.  I’m sold.  Who wants to see Rachel Weisz unzip her dress??