J. Crew Extra 30% Off Final Sale

J. Crew Extra 30% Off Final Sale

J. Crew SALE – Extra 30% off Final Sale with code MUSTHAVE

*Plus get free shipping when you spend more than $150.  Code expires 10/18 at 11:59pm ET

J. Crew’s brand new online home for their factory store outlet was down this weekend.  Whether that was by accident or design, the folks at J. Crew threw a pretty nice deal out there as a make good.  The deal is an extra 30% off any of their normal J. Crew Final Sale items, and if you lay down more than $150 they’ll throw in free shipping.  Sometimes the size selection in the J. Crew Final Sale section is so paltry that it’s a total waste unless you’re an XS or XXL.  But for this sale there’s some good stuff with normal sizes available.  Remember, these are all final sale items so no exchanges and no returns.  Here’s what’s worthwhile…

J. Crew Plaid Wool Langham Jacket – $157.50 (reg. $275)

Free shipping too since it's just over $150

Most of us have two pieces of outerwear.  A lighter more casual field type of jacket, and a heavier dressed up wool.  If you’re the type that likes to stand out just a bit more even while being totally casual, this is a replacement for your plain cotton utility jacket.  Made from a warm quilted wool mix in a ridiculously cool plaid pattern.  As cheap as J. Crew outerwear gets.  One of those rare pieces that’ll garner compliments from both the high style and outdoors-men crowds.

J. Crew Bowery Cord Pant – $41.65 (reg. $69.50)

Still a trim fit, but not as sucked in as the urban slim.

The pants to wear with that jacket up above.  A quick note about what “wale” means in regards to corduroy.  A wale of corduroy is one line/stripe/raised piece on the corduroy fabric.  When you’ve got a number up against it (for example this pant is “14-wale” corduroy) that’s the number of wales/lines there are per inch of fabric.  The higher the number, the finer and less noticeable the corduroy.  You want higher numbers.  Topping out at pinwale or 21-wale cord, these are at 14-wale and thus, nicely modern.  Also available in black and a lighter cinder gray, which could be considered winter’s version of a white chino.

J. Crew Secret Wash Big Gingham – $34.65 (reg. $59.50)

Bold and simple pattern, secret wash.

What the chino blazer addicts will want to wear underneath those chino blazers when they’re headed to the pub.  Or even on the weekend with a dark plain tshirt underneath and (gasp) left untucked.

J. Crew Brass Buckle Denim Belt  – $24.15 (reg. $45.00)

Could be a go-to favorite.

At only nine words long (twelve if you count the materials listed) this might hold the Jcrew.com record for shortest item description:  “We designed this one to go perfectly with jeans.” ’bout right.

Cone Denim Levi’s 501 in exclusive Indigo Ridge Wash – $41.65 (reg. $98.00)

Now we're getting somewhere.

I know what you’re saying:  “Weren’t these just measured on the Muytjens-ometer scale of absurdity?”  They were.  The regular price of $100 is too much.  So is the sale price of $60.  $40 is what you’d probably pay for 501s that aren’t on sale.  So… might be worth the extra $10 as an experiment.  I just got new 501s so I’m not in the market, but if anyone is and decides to pull the trigger on these, c’mon back and leave a review, won’t you?

J. Crew Striped Watch Band – $10.50 (reg. $20) | Rugby Stripe Socks – $7.00 (reg. $12.50)

Stripes that'll get you to $150

Perfect for rounding out your purchase if you’re just shy of the $150 free shipping threshold.  The striped watch band comes in a ton of cooler season colors, and will instantly change the look of a tired old timepiece.  The Rugby stripe socks can be worth with everything from sneakers to a suit.

The Final Line Up – $152.60 total (includes free shipping) with code MUSTHAVE

If you want to go on a bit of a spree, here’s a suggestion for a cartload:

  • Bowery Corduory in cinder gray – $41.65
  • Bowery Corduroy in legacy tan – $41.65
  • Big Gingham shirt in chalkboard – $34.65
  • Brass Buckle Denim Belt – $24.10
  • Striped Watch Strap in Faded Black – $10.50

GRAND TOTAL: $152.55

Not a bad haul for spending just over $150.  Remember, these are all final sale items so you can’t return them, and the code expires Monday (tonight) at 11:59 PM ET