Express 47% off Outerwear Sale

Express 47% off Outerwear Sale

Express 47% off Outerwear with code: 9982

Thursday October 7th – Monday October 10th

At the end of the summer when the new lines of fall outerwear began hitting the stores, Express was off to a tremendous stop.  So much so that not a single one of their coats made it into the lineup of our Affordable Outerwear Picks a few weeks back.  And that was odd.  Express used to be a real dependable place for a guy who wanted a well cut affordable coat. For the record, I own a (deep breath) double breasted mid-thigh no-epaulets two patch pockets on the front and two hand warmer pockets at the chest Express peacoat.  Purchased it about three years ago, and have looked forward to getting it out each fall ever since.  But this year?  The early signs weren’t good for Express.

But like Willis Reed coming out for game 7 in 1970, Express seems to have hobbled back into the fray just in time.  Their new coats haven’t been available for all that long, and they just went on sale (along with their sweaters) for almost half off.  Use the coupon code 9982 which Alex spotted in the sneaky banner ad at the top of for the extra savings.  Here’s what’s worthwhile…

Express Slim Fit Topcoat – $149.60 w/code: 9982 (reg. $278)

What you want. For under $200.

The right fit, the right color, the right number of buttons for a single breasted coat, and what appears to be the perfect length.  Not just past the suit jacket, but not quite all the way to mid-knee either.  Just under $200 with the sale, a tough to beat $154.60 if you’ve got the extra $40 off coupon their mailing list members get each month (it’ll work on top of the sale.)  The one major issue, is the review somebody in Ann Arbor posted.  They claim that the item doesn’t match the description or photos.  Something about a zip ticket pocket?  Eeesh.  That’s awful.  An email to Express customer service asked if the reviewer was correct, and the response from Express wasn’t real helpful.

Express Wool Blend Topcoat – $149.60 w/code 9982 (reg. $278)

Same thing... just not as slim?

This appears to be almost exactly the same as the slim fit topcoat you see above, except in a boxier more full cut version.  Don’t shun it entirely.   If you’ve got a wider set of shoulders, this might be the better fit.  Have your tailor bring in the sides for a custom fit.

Express Wool Blend Long Camel Topcoat – $149.60 w/code 9982 (reg. $278)

An under $200 Camel option

For all the guys who are looking to take the plunge into one of the most widely embraced throw-back colors of the season.   Some will like the clean look of the hidden button placket.  Some will think it’ looks goofy.  Feel free to cast a vote in the comments section.  The shape doesn’t look better than this one from Indochino, but the price sure does.

The Sweater: Express Italian Merino Wool V-Neck – $34.43 if you buy two* (reg. $59.90)

Merino wool, and costs one standard trip to the atm.

This is really the only sweater in the Express lineup right now that’s neither over-priced or has a logo.  It’s plain, it’s fitted, and the fabric feels pretty strong.  Now that Banana Republic has killed off their cotton/silk/cashmere blend v-neck, these might become the go-to for guys looking for an affordable option.   With the discount, it’s in bargain territory for Merino Wool.  Tried this one on for the Best V-Necks feature.  It’s solid.  

This particular Express sale lasts through Monday October 11th.  And as is always the case with Express, all of this stuff is imported from overseas.  If you want something made a little closer to our hemisphere, the Schott slim fitting wool peacoat is $240, made in Canada, and comes highly recommended by one of our regulars.  Read Bryan’s review of his new Schott at the bottom of the page… here.

*As Jeff points out in the comments section, the online code of 9982 is a different deal than the monthly coupons that Express sends out.  9982 is a better deal for a large ticket item like a coat, but isn’t so hot of a deal if you’re trying to use it on one sweater.  Because, you can’t on the one featured above.  Your purchase has to reach $60 for the discount to kick in.  On the monthly coupon, all it has to be is $30… and thus, the confusion.