Do women really like men’s butts?

Do women really like men’s butts?

Ask A Woman: What to do if you’ve got a flat ass.

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I’ve got a serious pancake butt.  Women always seem to pay special attention to a guy’s butt, but I doubt any woman would call my flat rear “cute.”  Are butts REALLY that big of a deal to women?  Don’t women pay more attention to a guy’s arms, shoulders, chest, etc?  Those things I have control over with time spent working out.  But my glutes… they’re really a lost cause.

– Jeremy

Hi Jeremy,

Congratulations on being the first reader to make me laugh out loud.  I had to write about this as soon as I got the email.  It’s so honest and vulnerable.  Way to stick your neck (butt?) out, Jeremy.

Women and men are more similar than MTV, Oprah, and that guy who keeps writing those crap relationship books about Mars and Venus, would have you think.  Most people have a feature they look for in the opposite sex: height, boobs, ass, arms, hair, and so on.  The preferences are as varied as the people themselves.  Yes, there are some women who look for a great butt, which for men in our current culture is generally defined as perky and muscular.  Other women don’t care about that at all and want to see rock-hard thighs.  It’s no different than a man who prefers slim women, whereas another man might want a gal with curves you could ski over.

Even if a woman has certain physical preferences for her mate, I truly believe there are very few women who would reject a guy based on a single attribute like the quality of the butt, especially since it sounds like you take care of your other, ahem, parts.

I suspect you believe that “women always seem to pay special attention to a guy’s butt” because you’re sensitive about your own.  You are probably hyper-aware of comments about butts, but don’t even notice the number of times women talk about a man’s great smile or muscular forearms.  Still feel bad?  Consider Cher.  Girlfriend has been a pioneer in the field of plastic surgery and follows an extreme fitness regimen, and she still has a pancake butt.  You’re in good company, my friend.


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