$100 off Indochino expires soon, & get a free tape measure.

$100 off Indochino expires soon, & get a free tape measure.

$100 off any Indochino suit $349 and up with coupon code: Dappered.com


Just a friendly reminder from your neighborhood Affordable Men’s Style website.  Our $100 off Indochino suiting coupon code is set to expire tomorrow evening when Saturday becomes Sunday.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, click here to get caught up.

Thanks to everyone for passing the code along and giving Indochino a shot.  I’m also jumping in while the discount is good, and have been measured for the three piece light gray suit.  (Purchase coming later today, it’s pay-day after all)  I’ll give a full report upon its arrival.  For those that also spent hard-earned money on a new suit from these guys, and if you feel so inclined… send a short email in to joe@dappered.com with your reaction upon your suit’s arrival.  My plan is to compile a few lines from each so everyone can give them a read.

If you missed the mention of how you can get a free tape measure from the guys at Indochino, there should still be a few available.  Just enter this code: 256191 after clicking on “get your tape measure” on Indochino.com, and they’ll send one out to you for free.

As the two old fellas from Bartles & Jaymes* used to say:  “Thank you for your support.”

*Dappered does not endorse the thought of any self respecting man drinking wine coolers.  But you gotta admit those commercials were way ahead of their time.

Click to get your tape measure. You're on your own for providing the scantily clad women.