Tweed Blazer Battle Royale

Tweed Blazer Battle Royale

Tweed Blazer Battle Royale – Fall 2010

If you love fall (and really, who doesn’t) then you gotta love tweed.  A little bristly, a little different, slightly uncomfortable at first but after you get used to it it’s like a second skin.  Tweed is pretty big this season, and rightfully so.  It’s a vintage fabric that when used to make a modern shaped jacket, it’s tough and refined all at once.  That’s difficult to do with Gore-Tex.  Take a look at each of these three tweed blazers that are available now, and cast your vote for your favorite in the comments section below.

Moving from left to right up top

1. L.L. Bean Signature  Wool Tweed Blazer – $195.00

Pros: Heritage name, terrific color, unique woodsman style, tailored fit, 100% wool
Cons: Price, the split/pleat bellows pocket, three buttons make it look more like outerwear

2. John Varvatos Star USA Grey Tweed Wool Blazer – $195.00

Pros: Slim Fit, slim lapels, dressed up lighter grey
Cons: Price, shoulders look a little stiff, wool/poly blend

3. Express Textured Wool Jacket – $138.00 with $40 off $120 monthly coupon

Pros: Price, tailored fit, versatile color
Cons: The buttons, wool/poly blend, might convince guys a graphic tee under tweed is a good look (it’s not)

So?  If you had to vote for one, which one would you wear?  And if the answer is none of the above, leave your favorite tweed blazer in the comments section below as well.

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