The New Hilfiger Ties

The New Hilfiger Ties

The New Slim and Simple Tommy Hilfiger Ties

Hilfiger has returned to his preppy American roots, and thankfully. so have his neck-ties.  The rest of the mass retailer designers should follow suit.  Most of us just don’t want to wear psychedelic/ultra-busy crap anymore.  That which you tie around your neck should not resemble an MC Escher painting.  Solids and simple textures are king.  And rightfully so.  Here’s a few of the new Hilfiger ties leading the way…

The Stripes:  Hilfiger Bar Stripe – $32.99 | Scarsdale Stripe – $31.99

Thick or thin on the stripes, keep it simple.

Proof that a striped tie shouldn’t have more than two thicknesses of stripes.  If the red and navy of the bar stripe is just too Ivy League Looking, try the navy and green.  Or the light blue and dark blue.  Both would go extremely well with a lighter gray suit.  The Scarsdale Stripe is a little more wall street, but still a safe choice.

The Non-Stripes:  Hilfiger Skinny Doug Dot – $31.99 | Skinny Pete Plaid – $31.99

Dots and plaid.

Pin dots are about as classy as it gets.  I wore an almost identical tie at my wedding.  The Pete Plaid walks right up to the Dandy line, but if you keep the rest of your outfit toned down, it could work well.

The inexplicably expensive:  Hilfiger 25th Anniversary – $59.99

Nice tie. Not $60 nice, but still a nice tie.

Happy 25th Anniversary to the Tommy Hilfiger brand.  No I won’t pay $60 for a commemorative tie.

All are available at your local Macy’s or through