The Esquire Style Blog’s 16 Fall Trends

The Esquire Style Blog’s 16 Fall Trends

The Esquire Style Blog’s 16 Trends for Fall 2010

GQ went first with 21 fall trends, and 200 slides in an epic clickfest.  Now it’s Esquire’s turn to chip in.  Less clicking though.  And that’s good.  Is it an intentional flick at GQ that the fantastic Esquire Style Blog makes repeated mention of how streamlined and cut down their picks are?  Or that there’s only a few slides in their slide show?  Doubtful.  But it shows the differences between the two publications.  Click below for their picks, then head back this way for our take and affordable options for some of the best.

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The Esquire Style Blog’s 16 Fall trends with the official Take

The Combat Alternative. $84.25 from ASOS

1. Tailored Denim – NO.  Why not just wear Levi’s 514s?  Why the cuffs?
2. Combat Boots – NO.  Slim work boots like these instead.
3. Camel – YES.  My opinion is changing largely because of this coat.
4. Flannel Suiting – YES.  And even Express has one.
5. Orange – YES.  Just not in the two weeks before Halloween Mr. Festive.
6. Monk Strap Shoes – YES.  Came back a few years ago.  Still going strong.  But extremely tough to find affordable versions.  These from Aldo are $100.
7. Plaid – YES. Must be tailored.  And like this jacket, it’s risky.
8. Tweed in other places – YES. It’s a great fabric.  Why limit it to blazers?
9. The Upland Look – NO. Not easy to do.  Could make you look too old.
10. Fair Isle Sweaters – NO. I can’t get on board.  It’s the original Coogi sweater.
11. Duffel Coats – NO. Looks great sometimes.  Usually just too fussy.
12. Chunky Sweaters – NO. Slim it down.  Unless it’s a high neck stay warm piece like these.
13. Shearling – UNDECIDED. Brad Pitt could pull it off.  Can you?  (I couldn’t)
14. Purple – YES. But in limited amounts.  Like the Lands’ End Canvas necktie you see down there…
15. Army/Military – YES. But also in limited amounts.  Don’t be a wannabe if you don’t serve.
16.Varsity Jackets – NO. Because High School shouldn’t have been the best years of your life.

As always, your turn.  Agreements, disagreements, and additions go in the comments section below.

Lands' End Canvas at ShopStyle