The Consummate Canvas Duffel. On sale for under $60

The Consummate Canvas Duffel.  On sale for under $60

Ben Sherman Canvas Duffel Bag – $71.00 $59.99 (reg $119.00)

Good size, unreal price.

Note:  The Bluefly price of $71 was terrific.  The Urban outfitters price of $64 was even better thanks to Jeremy (see comments below) the fact that Macy’s has them for even less is just plain lucky.  If by chance the sale on them ends soon, which Macy’s is known to do, here’s the link to the Urban Outfitters price.

The perfect domestic traveling vacation is four to five days.  The perfect luggage companion for that length of trip is a good sized yet still able to fit in the overhead compartment duffel.

But grabbing your old Reebok or Nike emblazoned athletic gear bag won’t get your trip off to the right start.  You’ve got to look like you’re headed somewhere amazing.  Even if you’re not.  You’ll get treated better during your trip, but more importantly you’ll feel better.  People used to enjoy traveling.  Treat it like it’s a positive event and those around you will feed off that.

A smart canvas duffel like any of these from Ben Sherman is a sporty but still cleaned up piece of luggage.  If you’re the modern minimalist type, stick with the all black.  If you’re into that entire golden age of travel vibe, go with the olive and dark brown.  All three have easy to grab top carrying handles, and a shoulder strap for the long walk from the curb to your departure gate.

Get on board while wearing a good looking jacket and carrying one of these, and that one cute passenger (who seems to be on every flight) just might look for a way to sit down next to you.  Guaranteed that won’t happen to the guy a row back in flip flops and pajama bottoms.

Worried you won’t be able to get all your stuff in one of these for more than a few nights away from your place?  At $71, you can buy two, and still afford the checked baggage fee.

Ben Sherman at ShopStyle