Lands’ End Canvas Shirt Sale – $16.99 & your thoughts?

Lands’ End Canvas Shirt Sale – $16.99 & your thoughts?

Lands’ End Canvas Heritage Poplin Shirt – $16.99 (reg. $34.50)

For as much good publicity the new J. Crewish basics Lands’ End Canvas line has received… I have yet to see any of their stuff in person.  It all looks terrific, but with just 24 brick and mortar stores they still have a small footprint.

Full marks to commenter TheMeInTeam who sent in a style tip about a pretty big shirt sale L.E.C. is having.  Just $17.00 for their heritage poplin shirt in patterns.  Gingham or bengal stripe specifically.  And all of them look like they would go extremely well under any manner of V-neck or blazer.

His question was: “I don’t know much about the fit, but for $17?  What’s the risk?”

Here’s the issue.  I don’t know how to answer that one.  The description mentions specifically that this shirt has a “refined tailored fit.”  And the entire line is geared towards the men and women who shun the bulky relaxed look.  Here’s why it’s not a slam dunk.  There have been a few specific reviews left right here on Dappered that have called into question the validity of the “tailored” claim.

So let’s settle this.  Who has experience?  Is it truly tailored in?  Slightly tailored?  Trim fit?  Would you spend $17 per shirt to get say, a few gingham and a bengal stripe?  Leave your opinions in the comments section below.

Because if they’re anywhere near decent, $17 is tough to beat.

Solids, except for pink, will set you back $34.50

Lands' End Canvas at ShopStyle