The Differences Between the Gap Tailored & Classic Khakis

The Differences Between the Gap Tailored & Classic Khakis

Gap Tailored Khakis vs. Gap Classic Khakis

Tailored vs. Classic

Everybody is hopping on the slim and trim train.  Dockers was the first mass appeal brand to rework their chinos, and now The Gap has fully launched their updated “Tailored” Khakis.

But The Gap is still carrying and stocking their classic Khakis right next to the new tailored fits.  Which is kind of confusing.  Each come in a straight and relaxed fit, with the Tailored Khakis offering an even trimmer “slim” option.  The slim tailored khakis weren’t available at the Gap location nearest to the Dappered home offices, so here’s how the Straight Fit for the Tailored and Classic Gap Khakis stack up against each other.

The NEW Gap Tailored Khaki in Straight Fit – $49.50

These are dress pants.  You could wear them casually, but they aren’t going to be anything like your favorite beat up pair of almost jean-like chinos.    They have a hook and eye closure at the waist and a smooth plastic zipper at the fly.  They hang straight with a modern (but not too low) rise, have some give through the thigh and knee, but I wouldn’t call them roomy either.  The one major drawback is that there’s a permanent crease in the leg.  Which is strange to me.  It’s admitted as so in the description on but the photos are misleading.  Dang.  That’s a deal-breaker for some.

The Gap Classic Khaki in Straight Fit – $49.50

As expected, these have a lot more room than the Tailored Khakis and don’t have that ready for work finish to them.  The extra space in the thigh and knee area is unflattering, and they sort of balloon out.  Not good if you’re used to looking more streamlined.  They’re more of a true mid to regular rise pant with a button closure and a kinda crunchy metal zipper.  Not a fan of these, but some guys who like their pants big might be.

The Verdict: 80% 90% of you would prefer the new Tailored Straight.  2% would prefer the Classic Straight.  And the remaining 8% would have bought the New Tailored Straight if it wasn’t for the damn creases on each leg…

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