Don’t be a Dandy. The difference between style and fashion.

Don’t be a Dandy.  The difference between style and fashion.

Real Style vs. Dandyism

Beckham. Dandy, or not?

A guy with real style dresses well for himself and doesn’t need any validation.  A dandy dresses over the top either in flash or with designer names hoping to get noticed by others.

Here’s a few examples.  How about Russel Brand.  Or half the models at TopmanMichael Jackson too (even though he’s dead).  Same goes for Ed Westwick, Jude Law, guys who wish they were in Mad Men, and Mickey Rourke.

They’re like hipsters with a tailor, and you’ve got to feel bad for them.  There’s more to life than clothes and shoes.  Sure that stuff can be fun, but if you get dressed each day based on what’s going to get you the most attention… you might want to re-prioritize.

It seems strange, but I bristle internally when someone says to me: “You look really nice today.”  Can’t stand it.  Absolutely hate it.  I know that’s an overreaction to a genuine compliment, but I feel the same way when someone says to me: “You sure do like fashion.”  I hate that word.  Fashion.  I don’t want to be associated with it.  Fashion is all that cutting edge junk that a Dandy keeps up on.  Having a sense of style is allowing yourself to dress appropriately in a way that makes you look and feel your best.  Other people be damned.

Can it be a fine line?  Sure.  It’s all in how a guy carries himself.  Johnny Depp, David Beckham, and Dwayne Wade aren’t exactly blending in.  But you get the feeling that they take it up a notch for themselves, and nobody else.

Putting yourself first with confidence.  That’s real style.  Putting others first in a sorry attempt to build confidence from generating stares, good or bad?  That’s being a sad sack of a Dandy.

Agree?  Disagree?  Do you like it when people compliment your style?  Leave all your feedback below…