Lacoste Red! Slim Stripe Polo Sale

Lacoste Red! Slim Stripe Polo Sale

Lacoste Red!  Slim Fit Pique Polo – $43.90 (reg. $88.00)

Alfani has their RED Label, and apparently so does Lacoste.  Not sure which came first, but both “Red” monikers appear to mean the same thing.  A younger, slimmer, more athletic fit than their traditional more boxy apparel brothers.  Combine the Lacoste classic croc, not too bold stripes, and the new fit, and now there’s a pique polo worth paying $40 for.

Not $88.00, $40.00.  Thanks Nordstrom Sale.

Yes you’re paying for the croc.  And not being a slave to brands and their logos is extremely important if you’re buying on a budget.  But it’s fun to break that rule every once in awhile when you’ve got something like this.

Available in most sizes in a few different color options.

Don’t be thrown off by the goofy sizing:  3=XS, 4=S, 5=M, 6=L, 7=XL, etc…

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