Banana Republic and Mad Men to Join Forces Again

Banana Republic and Mad Men to Join Forces Again

Banana Republic to Team up with Mad Men Again – From

Quick question.  Is there really much of a difference between someone dressing up like a Star Wars character, and a Mad Men Fan walking around in head to toe 1960s Mad Men period clothes?

The Fourth Season of AMC’s Mad Men premiers on July 26th.  And I’ve got a confession to make:  I’ve never watched a single episode.  Not on DVD, and certainly not on cable or satellite since I don’t have it.  I’ve heard it’s fantastic, but… it seems like the fans are getting to that cult level, which is a little weird, and they’re starting to worship too much at the alter of Don Draper.  (It is, after all… just a TV show.)

There’s good news for the style & cost conscious Mad Men Fans out there:  according to, Banana Republic is going to ride this popularity wave for a second year in a row.  They’ll promote the show in their storefront windows, they’ll have style guides that reflect the dress of the characters, and they’ll once again run an online upload-your-best-Mad-Men-Look contest.   The winner will receive a walk on role on the show.

There’s just one problem.  Banana Republic might have the ladies covered for Mad Men Style, but when it comes to us guys, they’re currently falling short.  The razor sharp, tailored suit is King on Mad Men, and the current Banana Republic line of suits seems to favor roomy comfort.

If we’re lucky,  B.R. will  see this partnership as a great excuse to release a new Mad Men styled suit, maybe similar to the one that Brooks Brothers released last year.  Something with a slimmer torso and raised arm holes.  If they do that, maybe I’ll just have to start watching.

Not that Christina Hendricks isn’t motivation enough:

Image from The Times Online