Father’s Day Gift Guide – What to get the Stylish Dad

Father’s Day Gift Guide – What to get the Stylish Dad

Father’s Day Gift Guide #1 – White Collar, Outdoors, and Car Loving Dads.

Dad’s don’t actually like getting gifts.  It’s like they’re allergic to being thanked.  When asked if they’d like anything for Father’s Day they almost universally say: “Well I don’t need anything.”  And that’s precisely why for the next three Fridays on Dappered, you’ll find a Father’s Day Gift Guide full of nothing but “wants.”

The guide will be broken down each week into three common Dad archetypes with suggestions for each.  Again, no needs here, just wants.  You could be shopping for your own Father, a friend who’s a terrific Dad, or hell even for yourself (no shame there).  Whoever it’s for, all of these gifts are affordable and have have just enough sophistication.  Any one of them will show the old man he’s worthy of more than a clearance rack tie or a new screw driver set.

The White Collar Dad –  Auchentoshan Scotch $28 – $35  |  Cufflinks $65 – $90

Intricate Scotch, Intricate cufflinks

Intricate Scotch, Intricate cuff links

The Scotch: Businessmen love their scotch.  But most have been drinking it for so long that they’ve forgotten it can actually taste sweet.  Auchentoshan is a lowland Scotch that’s bright, doesn’t smell like the inside of a barrel, and tastes easy enough that you could share a glass with him even if you’re not a big scotch fan.  Plus with the Classic running just $30.00, it’s one of the best values on the liquor market.

The Cufflinks: He’s already got enough ignorable brushed nickel and plain square enamel links.  Go for something with detail and character.  That way when he wears them, he’ll remember they were a gift of appreciation from you, not something he picked up in an airport waiting for his connecting flight to board.  (Clockwise from top left:  Forzieri  Florentine Fleur-de-Lis – $81.00Kenneth Cole Laser Tag – $65.00Emporio Armani – $95.00)

The Outdoors Dad – Gerber Splitting Axe $43.21 |  L.L. Bean Signature Belt – $59.00

For the Dad who feels weird without dirt under his fingernails.

For the Dad who feels weird without dirt under his fingernails.

The Axe: Splitting a nice sized pile of wood is one of the most satisfying things an outdoorsman can do.  This axe from Gerber will make it feel and look even better.  A forged steel head keeps the legendary Gerber edge and a flat black nylon handle makes it easy to wield and easy on the eyes.

The Belt:
Sure it’s a bit expensive, but this belt from L.L. Bean’s new updated “Signature” line is made in the USA.  And even though you are paying for that highly visible L.L. Bean trademark, it’s a trademark that some of the toughest guys on the planet would be proud to wear.

The Car Loving Dad – B. Sherman Driving Gloves $30LeMans w/ Steve McQueen $15


Cool gloves. Even cooler movie.

The Gloves: Some Dads that love their cars are great Dads.  Some… aren’t that great.  But for the Dads that know the key differences between his machine and his kids, give him these Ben Sherman Driving Gloves so he can get a good grip on his beloved ride.  They’re marked down from $80.00 so get em’ quick before they’re sold out.

The Movie: LeMans is a movie for people who love cars and love racing.  If you’re not fond of either, you probably won’t be that thrilled to see it  But if the Father you’re buying for could stare at a car like it’s a Rembrandt in a museum, then this is a must have for his collection.

Coming up next week:  The Blue Collar Dad, The Always Ready With a Joke Dad, and The Borderline Chef Dad…