What the Hell is the Cami Secret?

What the Hell is the Cami Secret?

AS SEEN ON TV – The Cami Secret – $10.00 +S&H

As Diamond Dave used to say at the start of Ice Cream Man… “Dedicate one to the Ladies

Hat Tip to one of my daily stops on the web, HotClicks on Si.com for pointing this thing out.  Now, I could TRY and describe this new, must-have, how-could-you-live-without-one product for women, but I could never do it justice.  Thank goodness we can let the infomerical do the talking…

camisecret3Wow.  That’s… something.  Just imagine for a second, that you’re getting frisky with a young woman, her shirt comes off, and there’s a “Cami Secret” staring you in the face…

No thank you..