U.S. Soccer and The White House – Gotta be the Shoes.

U.S. Soccer and The White House – Gotta be the Shoes.

Team USA’s Oxfords steal the show at Pre World Cup visit to the White House

Shoes are great.  Pants are WAY too long.

Shoes: A+ | Pants: F

Those are the shoes, to the right, and The Huffington Post is reporting that Former President Clinton was the first to point out the team’s choice of dress footwear:

“I want to be on this team just for the shoes,” Clinton said, marveling at the light brown numbers worn by the players and coaches, decked in white and blue warm-ups and tan dress slacks. “This is the only team that I’ve ever seen that had these cool shoes.”

They are cool shoes.  And they’ve got to be, in order to pull your eye away from those ill fitting khakis with the crease down the center.  I know Nike is the official outfitter of Team USA Soccer, but could we get Dockers on board to give the team some of their new D1 Slim Fits?

President Obama soon chimed in, also noticing the light brown oxfords:  “This is the best dressed soccer team I’ve ever seen,” POTUS said, agreeing, “those are some sharp shoes.” Gotta love that.

Someone left a comment on the Huffington Post Article Pointing out that the shoes are most likely made by Cole Haan. Nike is their parent company, and when a brand commits to outfitting a national team, they go all the way.


Yes, those are some nice shoes.

But what Cole Haan shoes are they?  There’s no cap toe.  And the lighter laces might be a clue.  The closest match looks like the Cole Haan Air Colton.  But they don’t appear to come in a light enough color.

UPDATE: According to ESPN, they’re the Cole Haan Caper.  But, I don’t know if I’m buying that.  There doesn’t seem to be a cap toe.  Am I wrong?  The toes look much more pointed on the shoes that the team is wearing.  The Caper looks to be more casual, with more of a blunted front.

Thoughts?  Are they the Cole Haan Caper?  Are they something else?  Can we call this Shoegate?  To me they still look much more like a lighter version of the Cole Haan Colton.  And also… do you approve of the shoes?


US Soccer claims they're the Caper on the left. The Colton is on the right. Which one are they?

Regardless of which pair, cognac or light brown oxfords are perfect for summer.  They’d go well with a good looking pair of chinos (not what team USA was wearing) or any of the tan leaning summer suits.  If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to the Cole Haans, say something that’s a cognac or light brown oxford, try these from Aldo.  Their Steedman Dress Oxford is on sale for $70, and they’ll look just as good for a third of the price:

Aldo at ShopStyle