GQ’s 10 Commandments of Style

GQ’s 10 Commandments of Style

GQ’s 10 Commandments of Style – From May 2006

Originally published four years ago in May of 2006, GQ’s 10 Commandments of Style recently popped back up on their website.  But do these rules still hold true today?  Check out the slide show, then c’mon back to drop your opinion in the comments section.

Click for the GQ Slideshow

Click for the GQ Slideshow

The GQ Commandments w/ The Official Take

1. Honor Thy Tailor – Yes.  Probably the single biggest factor that sets guys with great style apart from guys with good style, is their relationship with a terrific tailor.  It makes a massive difference.

2. Thou Shalt Wear Sneakers Made for a Man – Yes.  Been hearing this one for awhile, but running shoes are for running. PF Flyers, Jack Purcell’s, and Adidas Sambas are for the rest of the time.

3. Thou Shalt Invest in the right Timepiece – No.  They suggest a “high quality stainless steel watch.”  A leather band just looks better.  Also, feel free to skip the $3000 Rolex they point to. (There are alternatives)

4. Thou Shalt Match your Socks with your Suit – No.  It’s a fine idea most of the time but not a hard and fast rule.  Brightly striped socks that pop under a muted suit don’t really match but still look great.

5. Thou Shalt Not Wear a tie that is Too Slim – Yes.  They suggest three inches for width.  Good call.

6. Thou Shalt Put your Wallet on a Diet – Yes.  Keep the wallet but a unique card case is a must-have.  (Yeah, I know that card case suggestion is pricey.  Here’s a more affordable option.)

7. Thou Shalt Wear the Right Tie with the Right Tux – Yes… thank goodness.  GQ suggests/commands bow ties with Peak Lapel, neck ties with notch.  Guess I’ll be sticking with the notch lapel.

8. Thou Shalt Wear Brown Shoes with Nearly Everything – No.  Just because black shoes are “easy” doesn’t make em’ the wrong choice.  Brown shoes might up the style factor but black shows you mean business.

9. Thou Shalt Learn when to Cuff em’ – Yes.  GQ says no cuffs on modern slim cut suits, and cuffs on the bulkier sack variety.  Works for me.  No cuffs in my collection.

10. Remember Thy Undershirt – No.  I don’t get the reasoning behind the traditional suggestion of wearing an undershirt if you sweat a lot.  I’m lucky that I’m not too sweaty, but undershirts make me sweat MORE.  And if you are naturally sweaty, it’s gonna show through anyway.  Take a cold shower, stay away from caffeine, and wear antiperspirant instead of old fashioned deodorant.

(Agree?  Disagree?  Are you a heathen in the eyes of GQ?  Leave any feedback in the comments section below…)