What are Indochino Suits?

What are Indochino Suits?

Would you Buy an Indochino Suit? | Custom Bespoke Suits $300 – $500

“Traditional tailoring and fashion collide at Indochino. All of our bespoke quality suits are custom fit and made to measure, and each design a limited edition. Our weekly releases of new fabrics, patterns, colors and cuts, keep your style on point. Suit up before they’re gone.” – From Indochino.com

The "Essential Navy" Suit from Indochino.  $349.00

The "Essential Navy" Suit from Indochino. $349.00

I’m not sure I’m a believer.  When something is too good to be true, it’s usually false.  But the guys behind the online custom suit company Indochino sure seem to be walking the walk, and getting plenty of people in the press to talk.

Founded in 2007, the official Indochino Suit Company story claims it was a business sparked by frustration.  An undergrad at the University of Victoria in British Columbia was under impressed with the suit selection available to him at his local retailers, so he and his best friend picked up and moved to Shanghai, in order to start an online custom suit business.

If you’re raising an eyebrow, know that I’m wondering about this story too.

Almost four years later, their business is screaming along and everyone from CoolMaterial, GearPatrol, and even the friggin’ Wall Street Journal is writing about them.  $300 – $500 for a made to measure suit.  Complete with a money back guarantee, and the company says that they’ll even pick up the tab (up to $75) on alterations if your suit arrives and it doesn’t fit perfectly.  You either have your tailor take your measurements, or do it yourself, plug in your numbers into their website pick out the fabrics and options (like ticket pockets… nice), give em’ a credit card number and two weeks later you have a suit that they claim has been made specifically for you.

And make no mistake.  Online, the suits… look… good.  But here’s what I think could be a fatal flaw.  The art of tailoring happens when you’ve got an off the rack suit on, and your tailor is pinning it in until it looks perfect.  You can see the suit on you and make fluid changes if it doesn’t look right.  That doesn’t happen with Indochino suits.  You take some measurements, send it off, and hope for the best.

The few personal reviews I’ve found have been mixed, but some of the comments left on sites like GearPatrol are offering nothing short of glowing reviews.  So take a look at the demo video below, and then answer this question in the comments section:  Would you buy an Indochino Suit?  For now, I’ll personally stick to my preferred off the rack brands, and my incredible tailor.

One final note: I think it’s safe to say the Indochino Suit factory doesn’t look like the video above?