One of the Best Prepaid Phones – Kyocera XTC

One of the Best Prepaid Phones – Kyocera XTC

Virgin Wireless Kyocera XTC – $59.99 – $100.00 (depending on promotions)

Are you going to get the full coverage network that Verizon offers?  No.  Will you be able to have a data hog of a phone like you can on the AT&T network?  Again, no.  But if you want to pay under $40 a month, talk a little bit, text as much as you want, and have a sleek, slim, does just enough no-contract phone, then consider the Kyocera XTC from Virgin Wireless.

No contracts, pay as you go, cheap and easy.  With all the style and a small bit of functionality that the pricey phones and plans have.  For about $37.00 a month after fees, you can text (1000 texts) talk a bit (200 anytime minutes + roll forward) and get on the web just enough ($5.00 for 5MB),  That gives a perfect plan for those of us who don’t feel naked if we happen to leave our cell at home.  Most smart-phone plan monthly bills are around or over $100 a month. Imagine only paying $35.00. Here’s a video review from CNET:

Allow me to pass along a quick personal anecdote:  Had AT&T through work.  Work stops paying for cell service.  Tried to get a basic plan on my BlackBerry because I own the device thanks to work, but I don’t really use all the Blackberry bells and whistles.  The AT&T Sales Rep said sure… we could do that.  $45.00 a month, no activation fee or anything, 2-year contract, should be fine.

First bill comes and it’s $150.  They’re charging me for Blackberry service even though I don’t want it.  I canceled immediately well within the 30 day no-penalty window.

Look, it’s time we all stopped staring at the little pocket pcs cell phones have become and started living our lives.  The iPhone is awesome, the Droid is fantastic (and some droids are even really cheap), but if you’re stuck in front of a computer screen all day, wouldn’t you want to be able to break away for a bit?

The Kyocera XTC from Virgin Wireless allows you to do that, and still stay connected.

(Available at most Radio Shacks, Target, and Online through