Most Ridiculous Ads From GQ March 2010

Most Ridiculous Ads From GQ March 2010

Most Ridiculous Ads | GQ Magazine – March 2010

(Note:  This is not a critique of the magazine.  Print publishing right now is going through a terrible time,  and we wish every magazine and newspaper the best of luck.  GQ doesn’t make the ads, they don’t pick the ads, they just hope to sell the ad space.  And sometimes what fills that space, can get a little… strange.  )

#3 Armani Exchange


Even expensive sunglasses can't shield you from the raging glare of loneliness.

#2 Diesel

Diesl embraces the Sarah Palin "Being Smart is Bad" strategy

Diesel embraces the Sarah Palin "Intelligence is Bad" strategy

#1 Ralph Lauren Black Label

Silver collar tipped cowboy shirt, knit tie, turquoise accessories?

Silver tipped collar cowboy shirt... knit tie... turquoise accessories... Looks like someone slipped PCP into Mr. Lauren's drink at the Alan Jackson Concert.

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