How your suit should fit and look. With a video example.

How your suit should fit and look.  With a video example.

Five Rules for how your suit should look.  With a Video Example.

So you’re looking for a new suit.  That’s great.  You’ve come to the right place.  Now if you’re wanting to know how you should LOOK in that suit once you’ve purchased it, Daniel Craig as James Bond will demonstrate:

Probably one of the best scenes in Bond movie history.  All time.

Here are the finer points of how to make your suit fit like Mr. Craig’s.

1. Get it tailored.  No exceptions –  Even if you think it fits off the rack, go to your tailor and have them pin it in for the hell of it.  If you don’t like it, no issue.  If you do like it, well look at that.  An improvement.  You want an athletic shape. Contoured at the sides.  And find a real tailor, not the tailoring service they’ll try and sell you on at the department store.  You need a relationship with him, or her.  They need to know what you like and don’t like.

2. Keep that Shoulder as natural as possible – You’re wearing the suit, it’s not wearing you.  Big or ill fitting shoulder pads will make it look like you borrowed your Dad’s jacket.  When trying it on, put on the jacket, stand close to a wall, and lean slowly against the wall until your shoulder makes contact.  Did the shoulder pad and your shoulder hit at the same time?  Good.  Shoulders fit.  Did the pad hit first?  It’s too big.  Size down.

3. Don’t Forget the Details – When at your sides, your jacket sleeves should show 1/4″ of shirt cuff.  A crisp white pocket square always looks sharp.  And your shirt collar?  Small collars are all the rage.  They’re the skinny jeans of the shirt world.  Forget em.  But don’t go batsh*t crazy and end up looking like a pilgrim.

4. Avoid over-cinching your tie knotLots of guys make the mistake of strangling the ends of their tie in the knot.  They think the tie will just fall apart on them unless they cinch it down like Tarzan hanging from a vine.  Go easy on the knot.  It’ll hold.  Trust it.

5. Keep your tie and lapel widths similar – Not too huge, not super skinny.  Like your suit jacket, you should be going for slim.  Athletic.  Natural.

*And don’t forget, it always helps to have a woman like Eva Green on your arm too.  Just make sure your suit lives up to her good looks, and you just might blend in.