What women hate about bachelor pads

What women hate about bachelor pads

Bachelor Pad Deal breakers

Dappered recently assembled our resident panel of smart, beautiful, and down to earth women, to this time find out what women hate the most about bachelor pads.  Those things about a guy’s place that are absolute deal breakers.  The stuff that if she sees it in your home when she comes over, you’ll be from then on fighting an uphill battle for another date.

All our panelists are in their mid 20s to mid 30s  and had no shortage of answers.  Make these mistakes at your own risk:

1.Visible Porn

If you’re dumb enough that you fail to put away your adult entertainment before an honest to God real LIVE woman comes over, then you’re most likely hopeless.  But this came up from the panel repeatedly.  Is a stray magazine or video really that big of a deal?  Yes.  As Panelist Kelly said, this includes: “Playboys, posters, books, and videos. It’s disrespectful to me. If you want to be with me, I’m all you’re lucky to get.”

Probably not a good idea to have this up.

Probably not a good idea to have this up.

2. Dirty Bathrooms

If you’re hoping she’ll want to see those bits and pieces of you that most people normally don’t lay eyes on, you might not want to have a bunch of short and curly “previews” sticking to the rim of your toilet.  Us men will do our business just about anywhere.  Women will not.  Respect that because if she has to go and doesn’t want to go in your place, she’ll definitely go.  Somewhere else.

Yes Beowulf.  Grendel's Mother really is down there.

Yes Beowulf. Grendel's Mother really is down there.

3. Mismatched Garage Sale Furniture

You’re not in college anymore.  And if you are in college, try to make your place look like you’re not.  A busted up old futon for a couch, and a ratty, chipped, falling apart entertainment center from 1974 isn’t sexy.  Your date wants to be impressed with you.  You, should want to impress her.  If your place looks more like a Goodwill than a home, you might want to work on that.  Because women usually don’t go to Goodwill to relax.

"But they say Taupe is Very Soothing."

"But they say Taupe is Very Soothing."

4. Multiple Video Game Consoles and Games strewn everywhere

There is some leeway on this one.  Panelist Amber said: “One, or even two is tolerable, but more? I don’t want to date a “gamer”, sorry”  Hide the porn, organize the video games.  Just like you had to when you were living with your parents!  And if you’re still living with your parents?  Move out.

Sorry Gamers.  Women like men who live in reality.

Why make out when we could play Counter Strike?

5. Bad Sheets

If you want to maybe, someday, entertain her in your bed… make it an inviting place.  Women don’t want to have to worry about catching something from your homeless shelter ready blankets.  From Panelist Juli: “A bachelor should have clean and decent sheets plus a good comforter set on his bed. There’s no better way to discourage a woman from ever picturing herself in your bed than having ugly or mismatched sheets.



Worse.  Wayyyy worse.


Get a real sheet and comforter set.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, keep it simple.  But also, keep them clean, and make the bed before she comes over.

Avoid having any of those deal breakers visible and maybe she’ll step foot in your place once again.