The Difference Between Dress Shirts

The Difference Between Dress Shirts

See?  Not a good look.

Not a good look.

Check Your Neck: A GQ Dress-Shirt Primer

Point, semi spread, spread, button down… there are a lot of options in the shirt collar world.  What kind of tie goes with a smaller collar?  A bigger collar?  How come some guy’s collar points look perfect?  And how do you get those casual cotton shirts you wear on the weekend to work with a tie?

(hint:  You really can’t.  See right.)

Learn the difference between each option and what each collar potentially says about you by going to or picking up the latest issue.

And for the record?  A Semi-Spread (like this one from Alfani Red for $26.99) with a slim but not super-skinny tie is tough to screw up.

Curious as to which shirts GQ suggests?  Moving from Left to right their picks are as follows:

Go ahead and call us cheap but we’re still fans of the less than $30 Alfani Red (below)

Alfani at ShopStyle