Christina Hendricks’ Corset (PHOTOS)

Christina Hendricks’ Corset (PHOTOS)

Christina Hendricks Has Brought The Hourglass Back

From New York Magazine: “Christina Hendricks thinks all the talk about her body is a little embarrassing. It’s not as if she has an extra limb, after all.”

Frankly, if she gave back some of what she has, and acquired an extra limb instead, I think there wouldn’t be nearly as much talk.  But that says a hell of a lot more about us the public, and nothing really about her.

Yes she’s apparantly quite talented (sorry, never seen an episode of Mad Men) but why she’s caught fire is because of the way she carries herself.  No, not the way she looks.  That obviously helps.  Immensely.  But she’s not just unique in body shape.  It’s the attitude.  Or lack there of.  She’s not Jordan/Katie Price or Pamela Anderson.  Ms. Hendricks seems genuinely nice, down to earth, and glamorous but still un-poisoned by all this Hollywood success.


Amy Larocca, who wrote the piece for New York Magazine points out that the fashion world (try Entertainment as a whole) focuses on the extreme:

“…too often the size discussion becomes almost grotesque, as if the only alternative to being as lean as a skinless Perdue chicken breast is to veer wildly (and unhealthily) in the opposite direction (Gabourey Sidibe, Beth Ditto). One can’t help wonder if the fashion world’s obsession with those two women, both of whom deserve prominent coverage for their talent first and foremost, isn’t in some sense overcompensation, an attempt to atone for the terribly thin models who still hold sway everywhere. Either way, it becomes a game of extremes.”

So on one hand you’ve got bag-of-antlers skinny, and the other you’ve got morbidly obese.  And Christina Hendricks is supposed to represent the middle ground?  With those hips and those… other… wobbly bits?


Well, it’s a start.

And a good one at that.  It’s also good to see that New York Magazine is expecting corsets to be this spring’s hottest fashion statement for woman.  Especially in public.

The hourglass is back guys.  And if that’s not a good reason to put on some decent clothes, I don’t know what is.

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