What to buy with all your gift cards

What to buy with all your gift cards

What to Buy With All Your Gift Cards

Some see gift cards as a cop out.  They’re easy, don’t require much thought, and you can even pick one up for a major big-box retailer while standing in line at the grocery store.  If it’s the thought that counts, then there’s not much to count for when it comes to gift cards.

Unless, you’re the kind of person who knows what they want, and likes to go out and get it for themselves.  And then they’re a tremendous gift to receive.

Macy’s, Amazon.com, Best Buy, and Starbucks consistently finish at the top when it comes to the most purchased gift cards of the holiday season.  Here’s three suggestions for each that’ll guarantee you get the most out of that little piece of plastic.

— Best Buy / Amazon.com ——————————

Logitech Cordless Opitcal Mouse – $24.93

It’s light, portable, and feels great in your hand.  And it has a wheel that can stand up to some vigorous scrolling.

The Bourne Trilogy – $26.99

The Bourne Trilogy starring Matt Damon has been one of the few action movie series of the last decade which avoided the pitfalls most other movies with explosions fall victim to.  The Bourne flicks don’t depended on CGI, weren’t dragged down by horrible dialogue, and actually had great acting and real suspense.  Perfect to have on hand for those days when nothing is on TV and you want an adrenaline boost.

AC/DC Bonfire Box Set – $60.99

This is AC/DC at their best.  Their tribute to original singer Bon Scott has five discs which include the soundtrack to their famous Concert Flick “Let there Be Rock.”  You also get BBC live Recordings, other rarities, and even Back in Black which was recorded after Bon’s death.  One can’t live life with a never ending soundtrack of melancholy mid-tempo songs.  Sometimes you have to put on something you can turn up and let the neighbors experience with you.


— Macy’s ——————————————————–

Kenneth Cole Reaction Top Class Plain Toe Boot – $66.99

The Macy’s winter clearance sale is on, and you will not find a better price anywhere on a more stylish and simple pair of boots.  Period.  Plain toe, smooth leather, nice detailing at the top of the ankle.  A must have.  List price is around $135 at other retailers.  Endless.com has a better view of the boots if you want more detail than what Macys.com offers.


Tommy Hilfiger Raven Striped Crew Neck – $29.99

Mr. Hilfiger has made a career out of producing classic, purely American clothing at about half the price of what Ralph Lauren does it for.  We all need a thermal or two for the weekends.  The bold stripes on the Hilfiger Raven Striped Crew neck make it stand out in a great way.


Michael Kors Classic Check Dress Shirt  – $19.99

Because sometimes a plain white Oxford under your well cut suit can get a little boring.  Perfect semi-spread collar, good weight in the cloth, and a pattern that’s business like but fun at the same time.  perfect to match with solid suits and solid ties.  These shirts aren’t fitted so if you’re of a more athletic build, you’ll need some tailoring.


— Starbucks ——————————————————–

Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson | Break Up – $11.99

Sure you could buy a cup of coffee or an espresso or whatever it is you like to drink at Starbucks… but that cup of hot liquid unfortunately doesn’t come with the sultry sounds of Scarlett Johansson.  Pete Yorn is amazingly talented.  Enough so that he was able to take one of the sexiest women in Hollywood, vocal flaws and all, and still produced a terrific album.  You’ll find it near the register.


Starbucks French Roast Extra Bold – $28.07 for 3-Pack

Because some mornings you’re too hungover and just want to drink your coffee at home.  Bold, thick, smokey, and pre-ground so your splitting headache isn’t exacerbated by the damn whole bean grinder.


DCI I am Not a Paper Cup 10oz Porcelin Travel Cup – $17.45

So maybe you do want to save your giftcard for hot beverages.  Buy this and the baristas will gladly put your purchases in it for you.  Strangely light ceramic with a soft silicone lid.  Microwave and dishwasher safe, the now famous DCI “I am Not a Paper Cup” reduces waste and gives you something to put that bold French Roast in for your commute to work.

(all products are available at each individual store, but in case you didn’t get a gift card to that location and you still want the product… Amazon.com links are provided to some listings with free super-saver shipping for your online shopping pleasure.  That way you won’t have to fight the post-holiday shopping crowds.)