Three Cardigans

Three Cardigans

Cardigans – Urban Outfitters $29 | ASOS $42.49 | Ralph Lauren $80

Cardigans don’t have to look like they came out of your Grandpa’s closet.*

Believe it or not, there are cardigans out there that fit well and look good.  Their seams actually hit at the shoulder, the fabric is clean and sleek, and the body doesn’t schlub out around the mid-section.  Those cardigans do exist and now is the perfect time to buy one.

Retailers are starting to get their spring lines in the stores, and thus their colder weather merchandise is on sale.  But it’s still plenty cold outside.  And a good button up cardigan is something you’ll love having when you’re in need of one more not-too-bulky layer that offers some style.  Here’s three of the best available at different price points.


Urban Outfitters BDG Marled Stripe Cardigan – $29.00

Some of the cotton blend used to make this sweater comes from recycled bits and pieces that are left over from producing t-shirts.  So, that’s kinda nifty.  It’s a marled fabric which means it’ll have some thickness to it, and the stripes give it a good laid back feel.  Solid width on the placket makes it substantial, which is more than what can be said about the skin and bones fem-dude that’s modeling it.


ASOS Merino Shawl Collar Cardigan – $42.49

Most Shawl Collar Cardigans have a collar that’s so big and obnoxious it weighs the rest of the sweater down.  Not so for the ASOS Merino Cardigan.  Perfect weight in the collar, merino wool, and the not too deep neckline gives it a great shape.  This is the right shawl collar cardigan for anyone who wants to wear one, but doesn’t want to look like a linebacker with one of those neck roll pads.

CardiganRLRalph Lauren Wool Cardigan – $79.99

The standard for all cardigans.  Yeah it’s expensive but it’s also marked down from $165.00.  From jeans to khakis, cords, and dress pants, Ralph Lauren’s Wool Cardigan will look terrific with anything.  Amazing fabric, quality buttons, and pockets that stay close to the body all show that it’s designed supremely well.  You get six color choices and all of the sizes are available.  Don’t want to put on a blazer or suit jacket when you head into work?  For $80.00 you can mix it up with this sweater and refresh your getup a slightly retro feel.

*Unless your Grandpa was a terrific dresser.  Then you want them to look like they came out of his closet.