Skin Care for Guys

Skin Care for Guys

Skin Care for Guys – The Three Products you Should be Using

Men can be great at taking care of the inside of their bodies.  Lifting weights, running, biking… over-competitive games of pick up basketball… the testosterone makes us want to push our physical limits.  We work hard to get our muscles bigger and our lungs stronger.  We’re guys.  It’s almost instinct.  We have that animalistic desire to be the biggest toughest one of the pack.

mars-surfaceBut for as much as we can take care of the stuff that’s inside our bodies, we sure do suck at looking after the exterior.

Skin care just seems too womanly for most of us.  Anything more than a bar of soap and a bottle of shampoo and you start to feel like you’re primping too much.  But it shouldn’t feel that way.  And if you want to avoid having your face one day resemble the surface of mars, you need to shake that feeling.  Now.

Aside from soap and sunscreen, you can pretty much ignore your skin from the neck down.  Here’s the three products you should be using on your face, in the order you should be slathering them on:

neutrogena-oil-free-deep-clean-gentle-scrubNeutroegena Gentle Scrub Face Wash – $6.01

Washing your face with a bar of soap is just fine.  But scrubbing it up with a gentle face wash like this one from Neutrogena is better.  There are these tiny micro bead things that scrub off the grub, grime, and dead skin cells, and the zit causing oil gets washed away.  All while not over-drying your skin like soap.  Doesn’t smell like anything fruity, tough enough to get your face clean after a long day, but easy enough on your skin that it won’t burn it up.

NiveaEyeCreamNivea for Men Revitalizing Q10 Eye Gel – $8.56

Wrinkles are going to happen.  And you shouldn’t be too concerned with them.  The eye cream you’ll need is one that should help eliminate the dark lines and puffiness that are caused by a few too many late nights.  That’s what Nivea for Men Revitalizing Eye Creme is supposed to do.  It should reduce the number of days all of your co-workers are saying:  “You look TIRED.”  This’ll help you look less like the walking dead.  Bonus:  It was also a runner up in the 2009 Esquire Men’s Grooming Awards.

Jack Black Body Lotion – $22.00


It’s a bit on the pricey side but it’s a solid moisturizer with a terrific, not too intrusive, masculine scent.  It smells good enough and with just the right amount of intensity that it should allow you to ditch your cologne if you wear any.  The scent isn’t overwhelming by any means, but if you put some of this stuff on your face you get that perfect amount of “good smell” coming off your skin.  Can’t say that about many colognes which are way too easy to over use.  Use it in the morning or before you head to bed at night and it’ll keep your skin from drying out and looking worn.

Using those three products every day shouldn’t add more than a minute, maybe two, to your normal routine.  Add a few minutes to your routine, take a few years off your face.  Not a bad deal.