Reason #87 to not look like a Schlub

Reason #87 to not look like a Schlub

Reason #87 to not look like a Schlub – The Vanitites Girls

Here’s a simple question:  Have women ever been sexier, more stunning, or downright drool worthy than when they were being painted on the sides of American Bombers?


Isla Fisher


Kristen Bell


Mila Kunis

The answer:  No.   (Pop quiz:  Do you remember the question?)

And do you think these types of women who can still pull off this look off would just love to hang around with a guy who’s go-to clothing options are baggy jeans and collegiate team sweatshirts?

I’m going to guess that’s a big fat “probably not.”

Again, enjoy those articles of clothing if you got em’.  But know when they are and aren’t appropriate.  Because those fellas who fail in that realm, shouldn’t expect these types of women to come stampeding in their direction.

Oh… and check out why Vanity Fair does this.